I hardly ever see my best friend now; we're slowly _DRIFTING_ apart.
A _NUCLEAR_ family consists of parents and their children.
Teachers aren't forbidden from giving private lessons to students but it is _FROWNED_ upon. ( pahaks panema)
One of the _STRONGEST_ influences on teenagers today is the media.
Grandma says there wasn't a _GRAIN_ of truth in that story Grandad told last night about being a hero.
He _EMBARKED_ on a serious relationship at a very young age.(started)
He is such a _DOTING_ father - he loves his kids completely and believes they are perfect
It was clear the group were regarded as intellectually _SUPERIOR_ - more clever and witty than the others.(teistest ├╝le, parem kui teised)
It was a _SUPERFICIAL_ relationship - they never intended anything serious nor had any deep feelings.
He's such a wet _BLANKET_! Just when everyone is having a good time he starts moaning about being tired.
She may seem unapproachable when you first meet her but the truth is she ha a _HEART_ of gold.
With a _GLOW_ of satisfaction on his face, Keith received his degree from the principal.
The dog was a little quiet and sad yesterday but she's full of _BEANS_ this morning.
After a six-year relationship, Martha and Billy have decided to tie the _KNOT_
You are strongly _ADVISED_ to buy your tickets well in advance.
West Ham United _ACHIEVED_(scored?) a good result away from home at the weekend, despite playing the second half with only ten men.
For some people living alone is a conscious lifestyle _DECISION_ (choice)

Some of the sentences contain an unnecessary word. Write the unnecessary word or C if the sentence is correct.
I decided to tell to Bill the whole truth as soon as I got home. TO
New York, which also known as The Big Apple, is one of America's oldest cities. WHICH
Many of all the people I know live alone. ALL
Out of 250 candidates, only ten passed the entrance exam. C
She told me the dog had run away but I didn't believe her. C
As a child , I was never allowed to leave the dinner table until I was completely finished. C
Realising he had forgotten my name made me even the angrier. THE
My best friend is someone I have known for quite some long time. LONG

Choose the most appropriate word for the sentence.
The fact that my friend and I bought the same dress was _SHEER_ coincidence, as we hadn't gone shopping together.
There are _NUMEROUS_ options for diners who love seafood.
It took me a while to get the _HANG_ of using a computer but now I wouldn't be without one.
I've heard that stress can _TRIGGER_ off an asthma attack.
The town centre is full of shops selling a _DIVERSE_ range of food.
In order to be a good psychologist you have to be able to _TAP_ into people's emotions.
Thanks for lending me your umbrella, it really came in _HANDY_.
The rescuers have been searching all night. I'm afraid there's only a faint _GLIMMER_ of hope that they will be found alive.
Passing my driving test was such a _BOOST_ to my confidence.
She did everything to _CREATE_ a favorable first impression.
These scandals will not _ENHANCE_ the organisation's reputation.
I _SUGGEST_ following the guidelines.
The plans for refurbishment have taken a _BACK SEAT_ now that the company is losing money.

Use a preposition
The economic recession brought _ABOUT_ the collapse of the government.
Nicole stood _OUT_ from the crowd in a bright red evening gown.
Martha is devoted _TO_ her grandchildren- she can't do enough for them.
_ON_ the surface, he appeared to be a very ordinary man, when in fact he was quite an adventurer.
The candidate must be able to work long hours _AT_ short notice.

When I was a young man I spent a year in France studying French at the University of Grenoble. Every Friday I  _would_ eat at the Alps cafe. I didn't _use_(want) to spend much money as I _could_ not afford it but it was a little tradition of mine to eat there. Anyway,I'm _going_ to  _tell_ you a true story which happened on one occasion when I was _eating_ there. I  _remember_(think) I was having a pasta dish at the time. A beautiful girl up to me and said, " I was  _wondering_ if you wanted to walk with me in the park?" I  _had_ never seen her before, so I was rather  _taken_ aback. I  _was_ about to go with her when I noticed a tough-looking man watching our every movement. _Seeing_(noticing) my discomfort, the girl whispered to me in English, "Park - five minutes!" and then  _disappeared_(left) . Well, my bill  _took_ ages to arrive and by the time I  _got_ to the park, there was no sign of the girl. I asked an old lady sitting there if she  _had_ seen a girl waiting around. I was  _told_(explained) that the girl  _had_ had to rush to the railway station and that I  _was_(had?) to follow her there urgently.....

sense of their place
a cherished memory
felt driven by
maintain better balance
give herself a powerful boost of confidence
mutually satisfying relationships
one out of twenty
brought over
positive aspect
close extended families
time is also stretched to its limits
break-up of family through divorce or separation
bereavement process
accept the finality
family squabbles
an incurable romantic
a doting father
a confirmed bachelor
an absent-minded genius
a keen sportsman
a happy-go-lucky extrovert
a dedicated professional
a reckless spendthrift
protracted misery
lifestyle choice
drifting apart
move on
tied the knot
frowned upon
marital breakdown
embark on
unconditional/parental love
long-lasting/favourable impression
spiritual/common bond
personal/hidden attributes
superficial/working relationship
nuclear/close-knit family
middle/only child
heartfelt/popular sympathy
need a shoulder to cry on
be on cloud nine
look on the bright side
have a whale of time
sweep sb off their feet
be a wet blanket
be full of beans
be down in the dumps
 cry one's heart out
hit rock bottom
heart of gold
slip of the tongue
grain of truth
touch of concern
trace of remorse
glow of satisfaction
glimmer of hope
largely true
in control of
taken a back seat
come in handy
of little consequence to
jump in
sensation of
punching the air
to trigger off
a boost of confidence
apaft from being
take on the persona
has a good rapport with
attractive remuneration